I love living in north Florida, although when I was a teenager growing up and then a college student at UNF I was itching to leave and see the world, find somewhere with perfect waves to settle down. Funny thing, once I was out in the world for a few years I really started to miss my hometown. Mostly I missed my community of family and friends, but once I got back I realized that I also missed the culture and the natural landscapes of northeast Florida. When I dedicated myself to a consistent art practice, the subject matter was obvious and I focused on the imagery and local color of my region. In addition to my prints and paintings I am excited about my podcast, Over-the-Counter Culture, which explores the subjects of my prints to provide you with context behind the work.

The prints you see here are available for sale. Please visit the online store here, shoot me an email at, visit me on Instagram @mrlynnprints and @duttonisland, or give me a ring/ text at 904.382.7990 to inquire about commissions and commercial work.


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