Hey there! My name is Jon Lynn and this is the home of my creative work. I grew up in Jacksonville Beach, where I enjoyed the coastal waters and inland waterways of Northeast Florida. After attaining a BA in Art Education at the University of North Florida I spent a summer in the Tetons and springtime in Samoa before moving to Ghana as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Living abroad was amazing, and when my contract was up I headed back to my hometown, moved to Riverside and started teaching in Jacksonville’s urban core. During this time I started a family, played some amazing music in the bands Skungari and The Homesteaders and completed a Masters Degree in public administration at the University of North Florida.


Living in town was great, but once the kids were old enough to start school we moved to the beaches community where I grew up, eventually landing next to Dutton Island and now have the best job on the planet teaching art at an elementary school where I used to intern when I was in college (and in close proximity to his favorite surf break in Hanna Park). When I took the job teaching art, I made a commitment to keep a robust art practice which started as making stationery with linoleum prints, and has now evolved into bigger prints that I hand-paint.


I also love to play music, and enjoy playing a variety of stringed instruments which all kinds of wonderful people. For the past decade or so I’ve been immersed in acoustic roots music and gigging with The Homesteaders and Porch Swing. Recently I got an electric guitar for the first time in forever which is changing the sound of my music. Check out the music page on this site for a listen, and send me an email at duttonisland@gmail.com or 904.382.7990 for booking.

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