I’ve been playing music my whole life, starting out singing hymns in church as a kid, playing hard rock in high school and into my 20s, and then, after returning to Florida after the Peace Corps, immersed myself in bluegrass and roots music for a decade or so. My last band fell apart in 2017 and I’m figuring out what to do next. I’ve had the opportunity to play for some yoga practices at Bella Vida Yoga which was amazing. Inspires me to record longer format abstract tunes tailored for practice. Also have a bunch of wonderful musicians¬† I enjoy playing with here in Northeast Florida and I don’t know now if I want to put a new band together, or do some solo gigs. I do know that playing music is a favorite thing and a goal in 2019 is figuring out the ways in which I’ll move forward playing a performing. I’m super excited to figure it out.

Enjoy the videos below and check out my YouTube page here


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